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The following are some of the cafés, pizzerias and restaurants close to us at BelSentiero all of which I have been to and eaten at.

All opinions expressed are therefore my own! Other than for the cafés (bars) it is best to call ahead and make a reservation.

Normally most restaurants are closed at least one day a week and in season they can also be busy. All distances are as per Google Maps.

Ristorante i Lecci 

Located on the road to Castiglione d’Orcia

Distance: 4.8 km

i Lecci is located in a renovated farmhouse in the middle of the forest on the road between Campiglia and Castiglione d’Orcia. This is a fine dining establishment which is elegant but in a countryside style. Dishes are traditional to the area. They have a good wine selection as well and Andrea is a fantastic host.

Tir Na Nog Pizzeria

Located in Bagni San Filippo

Distance: 6.3 km

This is a great little pizzeria with its own wood fired pizza oven. They make thin base pizzas (my favourite) with a variety of delicious toppings typical of Italian pizzas. So for something simple and not to pricey the perfect option. They will also do take-away but not delivery.

Osteria Lo Spugnone

Located in Bagni di San Filippo

Distance: 6.3 km

This osteria is located in another neighbouring village, Bagni di San Filippo (famous for its thermal springs and calciferous rock formations). It is family run and serves dishes that are traditional to the region.

l Cerchio delle Streghe

Located in Castiglione d’Orcia

Distance: 13 km

This is a simple café cum trattoria located at the foot of the Rocca di Tentennano, an impressive tower fortress, in Castiglione d’Orcia. During the day you can also sit outside and there are some good views over the area. The indoor seating is not big so at times can be busy, with locals attracted by the passion of chef Luca for his cooking. The Tagliata di Chianina (sliced beef) con lardo di Cinta Senese is fantastic!

Trattoria Le Ginestre da Mimmo

Located in Radicofani

Distance: 15 km

A small trattoria run by owner-chef Mimmo. They serve local dishes that are elegantly presented. Included in the menu is one of the best pork belly plates to be found anywhere using the local rare breed Cinta Senese pork. So for lovers of pork this is absolutely one place you must visit!

Il Silene

Located in Pescina near Seggiano

Distance: 14 km

Michelin one star restaurant

This Michelin one star restaurant is the life’s work and passion of chef Roberto Rossi . Many of the dishes are Tuscan in nature, but sometimes with a creative twist in their presentation. Ingredients used are seasonal and local with the olive oil coming from Roberto’s own olive groves in Seggiano (and Seggiano olive oil is renowend as some of the best in Tuscany!). There is also a superb wine collection built up over many years.


Located on the La Foce estate, road to Chianciano-Terme

Distance: 17 km

Part of La Foce, the Dopolavoro restaurant is housed in the former community centre for the farm workers of the estate. Today it is a elegant cafe and restaurant serving Tuscan dishes but sometimes with a bit of a more cosmopolitan slant. They have a good selection of Tuscan wines.

Gelateria Buon Gusto

Located in Pienza

Distance: 25 km

This is one of the best gelaterias in Tuscany if not the whole of Italy! Fresh gelato is made every day on site using fresh ingredients and using artiginal methods and as such flavours are rich and intense. In addition to the standard flavours of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, there are always a few unique flavours, often seasonal or once offs. So olive oil, celery and rosemary flavoured gelatos have all been reported back to me by past guests and all were apparently excellent!

La Bandita Townhouse Ristorante

Located in Pienza

Distance: 25 km

A restaurant located at the La Bandita hotel in the historic centre of Pienza. It has a pretty outdoor seating area with its own enclosed garden to escape the hustle and bustle of Pienza in the tourist season. Food is Tuscan but with a more cosmopolitan slant.

Trattoria Osenna

Located in San Quirico

Distance: 19 km

This is the Tuscan equivalent of a steakhouse, and the place to go if you enjoy meat (such as a bistecca Fiorentina – those monstrous Tuscan steaks from Florence!). The family who own the restaurant also own their own beef farm and butchery so the majority of the meat is sourced from their own operations (and this is also where we at BelSentiero buy our meat from, especially when having a barbecue!). There is also a pretty outdoor garden with seating for use in the summer.

Caffè Poliziano 

Located in Montepulciano

Distance: 27 km

This elegant café / restaurant is located in the historic centre of Montepulciano. While a bit of a walk to get to, since Montepulciano is a classic hill town and built on the slopes of the hill on which it is located, this is well rewarded by the spectacular views of the Val d’Chiana once you arrive. Recommended for lunch when exploring the town, but in season it can be busy so booking beforehand is advised.

Drogheria e Locanda Franci

Located in Montalcino

Distance: 33 km

A smart restaurant located in Montalcino at the top end of the town near the Fortezza (fortress). The cuisine is typically Tuscan but elegantly presented and often the menu also includes game meat. They have a fantastic wine collection especially from the Brunello and I just love the manner in which the bottles are displayed against the walls of the restaurant! A good stop for lunch when exploring the town.

Ristorante Boccon Divino

Located outside Montalcino

Distance: 31 km

A fine dining restaurant situated outside of Montalcino in a commanding position with great views. Elegant dishes that are beautifully presented, using fresh local ingredients. A great opportunity to try new taste sensations!

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