Ciao, we are Jan and Renzo, the owners of BelSentiero and your hosts. Jan is an ex finance executive who has lived and worked in London, Brussels, Australia and Africa and speaks English (my mother tongue), Italian, Dutch and Afrikaans. Renzo owns the local village cafè (bar) and speaks Italian, Spanish and English.


In our travels we discovered and fell in love with Tuscany. Wanting to move on from city life and get to know “la dolce vita” we decided to move to the Val d’Orcia and established what is today BelSentiero ("the beautiful path").

This has been the stuff of dreams. Creating BelSentiero has been both trying and exhilarating. Trying in having to navigate the legendary bureaucracy that is Italy and exhilarating to be able to create a home in a place as beautiful as the Val d’Orcia (a World Heritage area).

We would love for you to come and stay with us and have the most unforgettable holiday experience. BelSentiero is not just about offering you a room for the night. Rather, BelSentiero is about experiences, a place of remarkable landscapes and beauty, and great food and wine.

There are just so many activities that you can engage in while you stay with us, from cooking lessons and wine tasting, to walking, cycling and unlimited exploration and sight-seeing of the numerous medieval villages, towns and historic sites in the area.

BelSentiero is also a place where old friends reunite and new friends are made, a place where you can enjoy all the best that Italy and Tuscany have to offer, all while in the comfort of our luxury Tuscan villa.

We appreciate that modern life can be stressful and that your time is precious. We want you to enjoy your vacation in Tuscany as much as possible and therefore believe in personal service. Be it in helping you to compile your itinerary, organising a spa day, or making reservations at the local restaurants or wine estates, or just relaxing on the veranda enjoying the views with a glass of prosecco. So for your next holiday we invite you to come and discover the hidden gems of Tuscany …

Looking forward to seeing you at BelSentiero!

Jan & Renzo


© 2020 BelSentiero

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