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2019 Christmas Package

How about an Italian Christmas? Specifically at BelSentiero, in the beautiful Val d'Orcia. Let us show you a traditional Tuscan Christmas and help you immerse yourself in the local festive traditions of the area for this very special time of the year. Book our 2019 Christmas Package and included is dinner on Christmas eve and a traditional Christmas dinner on the 25th!

On 24th December, after breakfast, we will visit the Christmas market in Montepulciano, one of the biggest Christmas markets in Tuscany. There you will be able to find Christmas adornments, food products, sweets, clothing and leather goods, local handcrafts and much more. Moreover, thanks to its wide pedestrian area, the market is the perfect place to enjoy street food, to watch several exhibitions and shows and enjoy the entertainment.

Then, on Christmas eve we will also pay a visit to the nearby town of Abbadia San Salvatore, on the slopes of Monte Amiata, which brings out its best and most important festival, so old that its origins are shrouded in the mists of time. On this evening, wooden pyres which can climb seven metres high, are lit. 🔥🔥🔥

At 6pm, in a very profound and spectacular moment, the Cerimonia di Accensione gets underway with the "Benezione del Fuoco" (Blessing of the Fire), which marks the start of the festival. The band plays Christmas songs and the bonfire in front of the town hall is lit with sacred flame. On this signal, the people known as "Capi Fiaccola" light their torches and carry them to the dozens of other bonfires dispersed around the historic centre and the rest of the little town. As a result Abbadia is today known as the "Città dell Fiaccole" (City of the Bonfires).

Included in our Christmas package is all of the following:

Arrival Monday 23rd:

  • Dinner at a local restaurant*.

Christmas Eve 24th:

  • Breakfast at BelSentiero;
  • Accompanied visit to the Christmas market in Montepulciano;
  • Lunch in Montepulciano*;
  • Accompanied visit to Abbadia San Salvatore to witness the "Cerimonia di Accensione" at 6pm when the bonfires are lit;
  • Late dinner at BelSentiero (seafood as per tradition).

Christmas Day 25th:

  • Late breakfast (brunch) at BelSentiero;
  • Gift giving under the Christmas tree;
  • Traditional Tuscan Christmas dinner at BelSentiero.
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Boxing Day 26th:

  • Late breakfast (brunch) at BelSentiero;
  • Departure and arrivedeci.

* Price is extra to be paid at the restaurant/ trattoria

The price for the above, including 3 nights accommodation at the luxurious BelSentiero villa, is as follows:



To book your Christmas package with us, please call Jan on +39 3240751800 or complete the following contact form:

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